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​It looks like social distancing is here to stay – for a little while at least. This will mean that businesses, schools and organisations will need to provide social distancing signage to guide and remind everyone to behave in a considerate manner and take precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19. Simple things like indicating where people need to queue, floor stickers and which direction to walk can be instrumental in helping us fight this disease and keeping us all as safe as possible.


We have a range of standard and customisable COVID-19 social distancing signage, stickers and graphics that will make it simple for you to abide by government guidelines and to help keep everyone safely distanced whilst on your premises.

Some of our most popular products are below but please visit the online store to check out our full range, we even have health & safety signage made especially for schools.

All our products can be customised with your branding or we can produce your own design if you already have one - get in touch and we'd be happy to help.



Invaluable in the current environment, floor vinyls tell people where to go to keep a safe distance. We even have a 2m ruler!

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